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As an art instructor, Roey Ebert helps guide, even the most timid beginner, step by step through the painting process. From experience, Roey Ebert learned that once a child, teenager, or adult had a starting point to build upon, their natural abilities and creativity would be unleashed -- resulting in a work of art. Her method of art instruction has nurtured the creative ability for thousands of people young and old.

Roey learned art by watching her grandfather, Francis Ford, an oil painter.  When she would visit him, he would draw a portrait of her, giving Roey a love and appreciation for drawing.  Roey learned to pay attention to the small details, to take time with her piece because as her grandfather told her “it represents you.”  In grade school, Roey was influenced by her art teacher who would answer all of her questions, provide step by step instruction and never hesitated to give Roey extra help on a project. As a muralist, Roey spent years painting libraries, stores, churches, schools, homes and countless children's bedrooms.

Roey is the owner of Roey’s Paintbox® Parties, a successful art studio located on Hamilton Boulevard in Allentown. Since 2011, Roey has been hosting "painting parties" and guiding guests through the steps to create their own masterpieces!

Now you can have one of "Roey's Paintbox® Parties" at your school! Watch the video of Roey's Paintbox® "school assembly" at Donegan Elementary School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.




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Roey's Paintbox, LLC

21 N. 7th Street

Suite 102 on ArtsWalk

Allentown, PA 18101


+1 610.216.0571


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