Roey's Paintbox® Hydrangeas

Have your very own Roey's Paintbox® Party and paint this these Hydrangeas!

Roey’s Paintbox® wants you to release your inner artist while painting the dainty florets on these beautiful Hydrangeas! Floral art is relaxing and the ideal creative activity for friend and family gatherings. Enjoy colors and company while creating gorgeous artwork!

Roey's Paintbox® Party kit is enough for 1 artist or order the Roey's Paintbox® Party kit for 4 artists.

Roey's Paintbox® Party Kit for 4 Artists

Each kit includes 5 jars of paint, 4 paint palettes, 4 canvases with a predrawn design, 4 recycled cloths, 4 paintbrushes, a tablecovering, a sample painting made by Roey!

Roey's Paintbox® Party Kit for 1 Artist

Each kIt includes 5 jars of paint, 1 paint palette, 1 canvas with the pre-drawn design, 1 recycled cloth, 1 paintbrush, a tablecovering, and a sample painting made by Roey!

This product is endorsed by the Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley (PCFLV)!

Shipping is a flat fee of $13.45 per kit.

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